DJI Mavic Pro – INSTA360 ONE – Cytronix – HARDBUNDLE

DJI Mavic Pro & INSTA360 One & Cytronix Camera mount (HARDBUNDLE)

Product information “DJI Mavic Pro & INSTA360 One & Cytronix Camera Mount (HARDBUNDLE)”
DJI Mavic Pro

Smaller, better, more flexible – the Mavic offers a package of features unique on the Koptermarkt. 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal and 27 minutes flight time form the basis for outstanding video recordings.

The Mavic Pro is small and at the same time incredibly powerful. The incredibly compact size, coupled with the latest drone technology, makes them unique. Up to 7km range for image transmission, four visual sensors and a 4K camera with gimbal stabilization convince.

The new pocket sized remote control features DJI’s brand new OcuSync transmission technology. The technology has a range of up to 7km and FullHD video streaming.

Despite its small size, the Mavic flies even longer than other DJI copters. Powerful and effective, the Mavic is able to fly for up to 27min. In addition, the range is up to 13km.

The Mavic always keeps the same distance to the ground. Fly too low is no longer possible because the Mavic always maintains the distance to the ground through its sensors on the bottom.

Insta360 ONE

Create Epic Bullet-Time Footage
The Insta360 ONE captures sharp and clear 120fps recording to slow things down and find the middle of the story. The new Bullet Time Effect is to turn on to enlarge and record the great moments. Recordings made famous by the Wachowskis and Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier are now easy to create.

State-of-the-art stabilization technologies
With the 6-axis stabilization technology you can make buttery film shots. Lurching is automatically compensated by digital shifting and tilt. Even if it gets bumpy in your life.

Hold everything tight. In the perfect frame
If you have missed something, just relive the moment from the beginning. The FreeCapture feature makes this easy. Click on Record. Lean back. Hold on to the entire moment. When you’re ready, find the highlights and share your video. With the ONE you experience every moment from the beginning and can easily find the perfect shot.

Focus on the essentials with SmartTrack
The camera identifies and focuses objects in motion fully automatically. So you simply get a classic video in which the target object is always in the picture.

Share your best moments. Anytime and anywhere
Stream live in 360-degree on your favorite social media platform. With a simple fingertip, you share your adventures with family and friends.

Cytronix mount

Now attach your Insta360 ONE camera to the DJI Mavic Pro using the CYTRONIX camera mount.